Packing Pretty Firearms, LLC Atlanta, GA

Packing Pretty Firearms, LLC Atlanta, GA

Packing Pretty Firearms, LLC Atlanta, GA Packing Pretty Firearms, LLC Atlanta, GA Packing Pretty Firearms, LLC Atlanta, GA

 Words cannot express how grateful that I finally had an opportunity to attend this class. Daphne is an excellent instructor 

Daphne Jordan, Owner - Packing Pretty Firearms, LLC

Daphne Jordan was recently featured in the Atlanta & Journal Constitution (AJC) Article #blackgirlmagic .  

Featured In ChroniclesToo online magazine:  

Also Featured in the Atlantan Magazine:{%22page%22:%22138%22,%22issue_id%22:476477}

Featured in Voyage ATL Magazine: 

SIP & EQUIP & Warrior Workshops

Situational Awareness and Self Defense Class with a Twist

Situational Awareness and Self Defense Class with a Twist

Situational Awareness and Self Defense Class with a Twist



Because being educated on situational awareness and self defense could possibly save your life...I am excited to partner with Mrs. Regina Jones Jackson of Corks and Cuvee and Mrs. Daphne Jordan of Damsel in Defense and Packing Pretty for my 2020 Scholarship Fundraiser...Sip and Equip! In addition to the 3 pour wine tasting, charcuterie and education, we will have a Packing Pretty Basket with items in excess of $250 to Raffle and Door Prizes! Please use the following link to purchase your tickets:…

Cannot make the worries, you can order items here:

Proceeds benefit the JJG STEaM Scholarship that will assist deserving students from the three Rockdale County High Schools who plan to major in an area of STEaM as they further their education. Scholarship applications have been distributed to the three high schools.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Warrior Workshops

Situational Awareness and Self Defense Class with a Twist

Situational Awareness and Self Defense Class with a Twist



A Warrior Workshop empowers 

participants with 

Awareness, Protection,


Education to develop a



To schedule a Sip & Eqip or A Warrior Workshop - Send an email to

Must have 25 or more participants

Saturday or Sundays, include the date and time in the email. I will respond within 48 hours. 

Women Empowerment


Walker's Legacy Honoree - Global Award



Dear Honoree,

Walker's Legacy, a global platform for the professional and entrepreneurial multicultural woman, is proud to host its annual #WLPower15 Awards. The Walker's Legacy Power 15 Awards is a national effort by the organization to recognize the achievements of notable business and community leaders.  

We recognize your work as a change agent within your community, and it is with great pleasure that we inform you of your nomination and confirmation as the recipient of a Walker's Legacy 2018 Atlanta Power 15 Award.

In partnership with the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) andAARP, this program and recognition celebrates multicultural women who thrive in an array of industries including social entrepreneurship, business, technology, media, and real estate among others.



The DI-ADEM is the first AR built for women, using input from at least 140 female shooters, and currently is for sale only to those who helped it come into being: members of The Well Armed Woman's 350 chapters across the country, with more than 12,000 members. It’s also the crown jewel of the DI line from LWRCI, a company reputed for making ARs of high quality and substance.


AR-15  is NOT an Acronym for "Assault Rifle" or "Automatic Rifle" . AR comes from the Company that created them - ArmaLite and it is a civilian, semi-automatic version of the military's M16. 

About Us


New to Firearms Class - For the Novice

Well Armed Women - South Atlanta Chapter

Well Armed Women - South Atlanta Chapter

Daphne Jordan is an Atlanta Native and is a NRA Certified Basic Pistol Instructor, Range Safety Officer, and Certified to Teach Refuse to Be A Victim (Situational Awareness) Classes. For OVER two years, Daphne has been a volunteer Chapter Leader with the Well Armed Women South Atlanta Chapter. 

In 2017, She launched a firearms instruction company - Packing Pretty Firearms, LLC to offer a welcoming environment for ALL women to learn about guns and gun safety. 

New to Firearms class is for the novice new to gun ranges, interested in learning more about guns and gun safety. These classes are designed with ALL women in mind that want to get over their fears of guns and learn the basic fundamentals of shooting a gun. 
There are 300 women on our waitlist

Click here to find available Classes **(class time is subject to change):

Private Classes are available for a minimum of 12-14 Participants - Must pay $350 fee in advance to reserve a date.  Send an email to-

Classes will resume in 2019... Sign up for updates.


Well Armed Women - South Atlanta Chapter

Well Armed Women - South Atlanta Chapter

Well Armed Women - South Atlanta Chapter

Our Chapter was formed in April, 2016. We offer classes for ALL women that   want to learn more about guns, become more proficient in their shooting accuracy around other like minded women.

“Being a member of The Well Armed Women - South Atlanta Chapter has given me the right tools, education and confidence to protect myself. Before joining I’d never touched a gun in my life! Now I’m more comfortable and finally ready to purchase my gun!

Thank you Daphne and TWAW-SA!!”


"I couldn't even imagine the power of an ALL Ladies Gun Club. Each month that we meet has either taught me something new about being a gun owner or put me in a social atmosphere to speak with other woman to share our stories. My favorite meeting so far has been the couples day meeting in February. Last month ,on Ladies Day, we talked about how our husbands said they had all the knowledge in the world about Gun Laws. Well not only did we both retain so much information, my husband now braggs about our Club to friends and family. "Yeah my wife is in a all female Gun Club at Stoddards which is The Apple Store for Gun Ranges!!" I think he spreads the word as much as I do...  Lastly, my accuracy while shooting has improved over the past 4 months. I was a bit nervous about shooting at first but there was always a Range Officer or a member helping and assisting me during each session. Now I am more confident and comfortable with being a gun owner. Thank you so much Daphne for ALL that you do and contine to do for TWAW South Atlanta Chapter. For any new members that are looking to join, I would tell them to come with an open mind and attitude. Get in... Get Social... and Get Knowledge about becoming a Well Armed Woman!" -T Carter


Would you like to Join the ONLY Women's Gun Club in South Atlanta? Consider joining The Well Armed Women - South Atlanta Chapter.  

Click Here To Join TWAW


The Atlanta Journal & Constitution


The Atlantan Magazine - 

A few of the TWAW South Atlanta Chapter Ladies were recently featured in the APNews article about Black Women Gun Owners - Click here to read our stories - 

Classy Living Society "The Chronicles" Online Magazine -


The Daphne Collection Conceal Carry Bags

Well Armed Women - South Atlanta Chapter

The Daphne Collection Conceal Carry Bags

The Daphne Collection of Conceal Carry Bags are a Must Have. Long is gone the day of throwing your guns in a purse. The secure and safe way to carry is with a holstered bag. The Daphne Conceal Collection comes equipped with holsters, Get Yours Today!

Pepper Sprays, Stun Guns, Conceal Carry Bags

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