Why Packing Pretty Firearms?

  • "First and foremost...I had an awesome time on Sunday and even surprised myself on the range with my first time shooting self ! You are an excellent instructor and I am looking forward to journey of becoming a responsible and well informed gun owner! Although I learned a great deal on Sunday and I know the future Girls' Nights and member meetings will continue to teach me a lot." - Thanks! - Pam 
  • " My rack & slide is already much easier with the pointers you gave. Please add me to the FB group so that I can keep in touch and continue to improve in weapons knowledge and safety." - Tina  
  • "I also enjoyed yesterday's TWAW meeting. I felt more comfortable yesterday. I learned the importance of breathing and I did not master it but I am glad you reiterated the importance of good breathing technique. I enjoyed the new format with your review section. I needed that so much and I think the dos and don'ts can never be said too much.I also need to improve using the sight guides. I know it will come." - Felicia W.
  • "The members of our South Atlanta chapter consist of powerful, knowledgeable, kind, and fun-loving women from all backgrounds who don't welcome trouble but will go to great lengths to protect and defend if necessary within the boundaries of Georgia and Federal laws. Our fearless leader Daphne  Jordan definitely represents the characteristics of positivity and exceptional leadership. She leads by example which is a rare quality in those holding leadership positions these days. There's a spirit of empowerment in our group and out of the few organizations I am a current member of, this is one that I'm the most proud." -Dr. Lachionte' Culpepper Thomas
  • " I attended my 1st TWAW meeting this summer and it was a great experience! I joined the TWAW, South Atlanta Chapter after attending my 1st meeting. Daphne is an awesome Chapter Leader and she makes you feel welcome and comfortable. She is very knowledgeable and patient. During this meeting she trained us in gun/firearm safety and gun/firearm basics. As a result of this training, I am more comfortable with firearms, and how to handle them safely. Daphne has a passion for empowering power to protect themselves. I am so proud to be a part of Daphne's team!"            - Neshanta B.
  • "Joining this chapter has truly empowered me and given me a sense of ownership for my safety .  I also have fellowshipped with some amazing women that are equipped to protect themselves at all times ! Thank you immensely!" - Stacey Robinson-Collier 

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